Ibiza Wedding Media Center

Adlib Style

The island of IBIZA has its own fashion, Adlib fashion. A free, original and unique clothing style that has evolved since the 1970s, always staying at the cutting-edge, and now, more than ever before, Adlib’s wedding fashion creations are at the forefront of originality. It’s the perfect style for brides but if you want to create an authentic Ibizan atmosphere, white will be the perfect colour for the grooms and for all the guests. If brides want to keep the colour white just for theirselves, guests will find Adlib style is full of colourful, elegant designs with great personality. Discover Adlib designers on www.adlibibiza.es

Ibiza Wedding Media Center es una fantástica colección de fotografías de alta calidad, cedidas amablemente por parejas reales y fotógrafos profesionales de Ibiza para animarte a venir a Ibiza a celebrar tu boda. ¡Inspírate y comparte!

Enlaces útiles:

  • PIMEEF. Federación de la pequeña y mediana empresa de Ibiza y Formentera.
  • CAEB. Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Baleares.
  • FEHIF. Federación hotelera de Ibiza y Formentera.
  • IBIZA TRAVEL. Turismo de Ibiza.
  • IBIZA BRIDAL WEEK​. Feria del sector nupcial de Ibiza.