Ibiza Wedding Media Center

Ancient tradition

Discover the most authentic Ibiza, shaped by all the cultures that make up its history. The island was one of the most important centres for Phoenicians, Punics and Carthaginians, and its history is reflected in its rich heritage. It’s well worth discovering the most authentic Ibiza, shaped by all the cultures that once settled here. Every year, IBIZA receives a multitude of travellers, people from all over the world live here, but the island keeps its most deeply-rooted traditions and customs intact.

If you want to give your wedding a special and very Ibizan feel, you’ll have to feature the island’s traditional dance, ball pages. Women dressed in their colourful costumes and their traditional jewellery (known as “emprendadas”), real works of art made from gold, silver and coral, perform with the men in an ancestral dance that repeats circles and figures of eight, all to the sound of flute, drum and castanets.

Ibiza also has its own handicrafts, perfect for decorating your wedding and for presenting to your guests as gifts. Handmade items include musical instruments, pottery objects, jewellery, embroidery, lace, leather work, sisal, esparto grass and cane products like chairs, belts, hats, traditional sandals (espardenyes), baskets and bags (senallons), all made using the purest techniques that will give your wedding a different touch.

Ibiza Wedding Media Center es una fantástica colección de fotografías de alta calidad, cedidas amablemente por parejas reales y fotógrafos profesionales de Ibiza para animarte a venir a Ibiza a celebrar tu boda. ¡Inspírate y comparte!

Enlaces útiles:

  • PIMEEF. Federación de la pequeña y mediana empresa de Ibiza y Formentera.
  • CAEB. Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Baleares.
  • FEHIF. Federación hotelera de Ibiza y Formentera.
  • IBIZA TRAVEL. Turismo de Ibiza.
  • IBIZA BRIDAL WEEK​. Feria del sector nupcial de Ibiza.