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Your wedding in paradise

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Your honeymoon
starts before you say “I do”.

The island of Ibiza is the ideal destination for celebrating and organising one of the most important days of your life, that magical occasion when you joyfully set sail on a new voyage. The moment of eternal commitment, as you say “I do”. Idyllic beaches and cliffs, fantastic landscapes, architecture, the wide range of cuisine on offer, and the professionalism of businesses who have earned their reputation as leaders in the wedding sector have all turned Ibiza into the ideal location for having a wedding. Now, getting married in Ibiza is a dream for couples from all over the world. Every inch of this island exudes romance, whitewashed churches, exclusive sea-front restaurants, agrotourism venues that still embody the quintessence of rural Ibiza or romantic boats that set sail at dusk. Ibiza’s silhouette is a heart-shaped one.

Can you imagine an Ibizan wedding?

Ibiza is the white island, and white is the colour of purity, of peace, of freedom, of love, of whitewashed walls and almond trees in flower. It’s an island with its very own style, perfect for couples looking for a different, personal wedding, a paradise of creativity and contrasts that sets the trend every season. We invite you to give your wedding a magical Ibizan touch.

An "Adlib" wedding

Adlib fashion, dress as you please, but with style.

Mediterranean flavour

Surprise your guests with Ibizan cuisine combining tradition and innovation.
El catering

Ancient tradition

Discover the most authentic Ibiza, shaped by all the cultures that make up its history.

Freedom and Love

Ibiza was one of the international hearts of the hippie movement and its spirit lives on here.

Magical places

Choose the perfect place for saying I DO, and organise the best pre and post wedding plans.

Perfect honeymoon

Also a perfect destination for enjoying a beautiful, romantic honeymoon.

Everything you need to know
to get married in Ibiza.

Getting married is an organizational challenge. We make it easy for you.

From Ibiza Travel (the official tourism promotion agency) we have prepared some practical guides to help you with all aspects of tourism. organization of your wedding in Ibiza. For this initiative, we have the support of all economic and social sectors of the island, with whom we work together with only one objective in mind: Help you in everything that is in our hands. We can not assure that it is sunny on your wedding day … although in Ibiza it is very, very likely that it is so.

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Weddings with destination Ibiza

6 tips for planning your wedding if your destination is Ibiza

If you fell in love in Ibiza or if you’ve fallen in love with Ibiza and you want to make the most of your wedding to travel and enjoy a few days on this wonderful island, we give you a few tips to bear in mind.

Ibiza is a very popular tourism destination for holding weddings, and many couples choose the love island for their big day. If you’ve got family and friends coming the best thing is to set the date at least 12 months beforehand and start making the most important bookings. The first bookings you should make are the places where you want to have the ceremony and the banquet, the hotels you’re going to need and plane or ferry tickets. After that come the additional services, like photography, video, make-up and hairdressing, florists, musicians, DJ, etc.

Holding your wedding away from home will mean extra expense and a little bit more work but it’s also a unique opportunity to enjoy not only the happiest day of your life but also some fun, different experiences before and after your wedding day together with your family and friends. Your special day will turn into a lovely holiday for your guests, so we recommend that once you’ve drawn up the guest list, you send them some suggestions for hotels so they can all stay in the same area. This will make it easier later for you to organise a transport service so your guests can forget about using a car while your events are being held. IBIZA is perfect for organising special before and after wedding activities, so your friends and family are sure to be delighted to have dinner together at a pretty cove, go sailing and enjoy the sea, the sunshine or an amazing sunset, wander around the island’s interior and discover Ibizan gastronomy in one of its most authentic restaurants, explore rugged coves on a kayaking trip… Ibiza is the island of possibilities, so you’re sure to find the perfect plan.

If you don’t know where to start and you don’t know the island very well, your best move is to contract a local wedding organiser. They will be your best advisers, they know the island well and you’ll always have someone who can complete paperwork, contact trusted suppliers, make any legal checks you might need, and so on. You can also make enquiries at local administration offices, town halls and the Consell Insular d’Eivissa (the island regional government) as well as the island’s business associations. One date you can put in your diary is to visit Ibiza Bridal Week , the Ibiza bridal boutique fair held every year, www.ibizabridalweek.com, where you can make contact with top professionals in the bridal sector, Adlib fashion designers, wedding planners, photographers, video makers, make-up artists, decorators, hairdressers, etc., as well as being a fantastic source of inspiration.

For example, you can all dress in ADLIB fashion, an informal yet very elegant style, in adlibibiza.com you’ll find the island’s top designers. You can also contact the Federación de Collas de Ibiza y Formentera, ballpages.cat and contract a wonderful traditional dance to surprise your guests. Ask at the restaurant you’ve chosen about traditional Ibizan dishes and pick one or two, you’ll love them. And if you want to create a very IBIZA atmosphere, combine white, turquoise, maybe a splash of yellow, wicker baskets, wood, salt, bougainvillea, lavender, succulents, candles… Dare to dream and be carried away by the beauty of the Mediterranean.

It’s important for you to know that beach weddings are not permitted in Ibiza , but if your idea is to get married facing the sea and for you and your guests to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean or a wonderful sunset on your special day, you can have your wedding in a huge variety of hotels, seafront restaurants and amazing locations ready to offer you the best views and services. If your dream is to get married in a villa, make sure it complies with all the legal requirements. This means you’ll avoid last-minute unpleasant surprises.

You can set an ADLIB dress code, with everyone wearing white, which will give it a fresh, informal yet very elegant feel. www.adlibibiza.es

A perfect surprise would be for a colla de ball pages, a folk dance group, to perform a traditional dance at the end of the ceremony. www.ballpages.cat

Choose a typically Ibizan dish as part of your wedding banquet, everyone is sure to love it. www.ibizasabor.es

Give your decoration an island touch by combining white, turquoise, maybe a splash of yellow, wicker baskets, wood, salt, bougainvillea, lavender, succulents, candles at dusk… dare to dream and be drawn into the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Enlaces útiles:

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  • CAEB. Confederación de Asociaciones Empresariales de Baleares.
  • PIMEEF. Federación de la pequeña y mediana empresa de Ibiza y Formentera.
  • FEHIF. Federación hotelera de Ibiza y Formentera.
  • IBIZA BRIDAL WEEK​. Feria del sector nupcial de Ibiza.